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We are primarily a sausage shop, we sell sausages because we love sausages!  Home made, the proper way with local ingredients, lots of love an did we say with proper ingredients?  


We don't use additives in the sausages as a general rule, but if we include a bit of production bacon there will be nitrites - but don't worry our packets label all of that.


Also, if you have a particular sausage you can't find - we create special recipes for parties, restaurants, hotels to order.


And if you want a laugh - listen to Steve (founder, co-owner) try and speak Swedish with you. Annika (co-owner and boss) wants him to speak more Swedish but worries it may be bad for business....


Proud to be based in Sweden we work to our own recipes, using locally bought produce here in Skåne.


At the Pitstop (our shop in Ängelholm) you can buy fresh and frozen sausages, plus our home cured bacon and a few other delights such as sausage rolls, home made mustard and relish.


We are open from Easter, on Saturday's until summer, then Saturday and Sunday weekends until autumn, with a few exceptions for vacations.


Also, in Oxhallen, Helsingborg - we use the opportuity to rent a great pitch in the local brewery - we regularly have a cold sales outlet at Helsingborg Bryggeri.


Trade Sales - we also deliver to hotels and restaurants!

Call us on 0705 183003 or 0768 548979.

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