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West Country - 90kr 0,5kg

Pork sausage, with apple pieces and thyme,

a perfect main meal, mild but great taste.

Ernie's Choice - 90kr 0,5kg

A classic pork, sage and white pepper sausage that's as great at breakfast as it is on the grill.

Ladykiller 90kr 0,5kg

What can we say? A pork sausage that's starts off

honey sweet, then fennel, and a chilli bite to finish!

El Diablo 100kr 0,5kg

Pork sausage, whole fennel seeds, a splash of balsamico, and the devil's own chilli flakes.

El Jefe 110kr 0,5kg

The Master of fresh Spanish chorizo's - pork, bacon, toasted coriander, and a hint of red wine.

Prince Albert 100kr 0,5kg

This pork "prinzkorv", has all the flavours of Ernie's Choice, but in a size you can't resist.

Saint David's 100kr 0,5kg

Classic Lamb sausage, leek and mint with a little balsamic vinegar - a Welsh Sunday dinner!

Dragon's Nostril 100kr 0,5kg

A not too hot lamb sausage with sweet red paprika and a little chilli to warm your heart.

Boerewors 125kr 0,5kg - or other specialities

We make all kinds of sausage to special order by hand - the cost is a little more but worth it!

Sausage Rolls 8kr st

A tempting finger snack - classic pork sausage

meat wrapped in puff pastry.

Bara Bacon 240kr / kg

Home cured Swedish pork - with a hint of hickory smoke.

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